Sunday, July 31, 2005

RAOK and Discontinuations

Yesterday I received not one but TWO very sweet ecards from the Fairy Godmothers at Crochetville. Thank you sooooo much, they really made my day!! =D

I've been working on a sleeveless turtleneck for myself this weekend. Yes, I change around projects a lot. It generally starts with me buying yarn for one thing and then deciding to use it for something else, then I change it again (and again sometimes, heh). Well this time I'm using Lion Brand's Chunky USA in Demin... and I'm running out!! =(

I only need one more skien to finish this project and it's looking like Lion Brand has discontinued this yarn. Dammit. Just my luck.

I swear when you buy something on sale they need to tell you that it's that damn cheap because they want to get the last of it off their shelves!! I certainly would have picked up more if I had known that in a month no one in town would carry it any more.

If you're reading this and you have a orphan skien of Chunky USA in Demin lying around... I would love you forever if we could work out a sale/trade/etc. so I could get enough to finish this up. I'm reallllllly loving how this shirt looks so far and I'm going to cry if I had to tear it apart, lol.

Alright I'm off to start scanning all that stuff I've been promising this past week, heh.

I hope everyone's having an awesome weekend! I know mine's going much better then the rest of my week did. Many thanks to all the sweet people that stopped by and gave encouraging words during my cranky rants, heh. You guys rock!


Deneen said...

I haven't seen any of the Chunky around in ages, I have three stores around me that carry yarn. I will be on the lookout and posting on C'ville was a great idea. Someone is boud to have it in their stash.

PBnJ said...

i just got a reply saying that its still listed on lion brands site! it appears they have it in stock too!

shippings a bit higher then id like for one skien, heh i might have to find something else to get it. i got the material i have now on sale so i guess it will balance out anyways, heh. =)

Thanks for looking! A trade could be nice too, I've definately have plenty of other yarn I could trade, heh.