Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fuzzy lil' shrug o' death

So that boucle shrug I was so excited about yesterday... I'm not so excited about it today, heh.

When I got home last night and I went to change clothes I couldn't get the damn thing off!! The cute lil' sleeves were too short to grab ahold of to pull it off. *shakes head*

So there I am in the bathroom wrestling with this fuzzy lil' shrug o' death when Hash walks in... and promptly starts rolling on the floor with laughter. I was not amused. I told him to get his ass over here and help me take this stupid thing off!

*sigh* Well it's not the first clothing item I've made for myself that I won't wear as often as I first thought. I still like it, I still think it's terribly cute. But now it's only going to be worn with the dress I had in mind when I made it. Oh well. Needless to say the Mossy Shrug will either have much longer sleeves or it's going to get canceled before it gets much further. I haven't decided yet.

I've almost got my first Secret Pal package ready to send out, woot! This is exciting, I really hope they like the gifts as much as I've liked putting them together, heh.

I finished up a cute lil' halter-y-bathing-suit-like-top last night. It's going to be more of a 'working around the house I need something comfy and cool' kinda thing more then an actual 'wear it to the pool/beach' kinda thing. Hash was very happy with it, LOL. He said I should definately write up a pattern for it, so expect to see that around here in the next week or so when I get some time type it all up. =)

I've cleaned up my WIP bars in the right sidebar, taking off the things that will prolly stay WIPs for a while. I'll get around to updating it when the things I'm working on now sometime today, heh.

One more day... and the weekends here, yippee!!