Sunday, September 25, 2005

What is up?

Works been slow this week and for once I haven't been going stir crazy. If there's no work my boss really doesn't care what you're doing at your desk as long as you're around in case something comes up and you're needed.

Lucky me, eh? Well I've been using my downtime for some very useful things finally (instead of just surfing the 'net and the like).

There's going to be another Lion's Club truck-o-goodies delievery in two weeks so more Katrina Relief washclothes have been whipped up. I hope some of the other gals in the work Stitch'N group donate a few more. The ones they've already donated were gorgeous and very appriciated!

We have our big Stitch'N get together this coming Tuesday. It'll be the first one I've attended so I'm all stoked.

So ummm here's a pic of me hard at work... just not on work-like stuff, hehe. This pic is a couple days old (I forgot to download then, heh) so I've got a lot more done on this scarf now. Hash and I have determined it's 2/5 complete. =D

Honest though. There's been nada for work. I work in the Annunities department of an insurance agenecy and if there's not a new product to file with each state... then there's not a whole lot to do around there. When there is work tho, I bust my ass. Cuz tho I might not love my job, it's not the worst I've had. And I dig the nice checks, heh.


Jessica said...

My job is the same way - either so busy you can't think or so dead you might as well hide under the desk and take a nap. :)

PBnJ said...

ahhhh that sounds really good about now, hehe. it took an extra 20 mins to get in this morning due to idiots not knowing how to drive in the rain.

*yawn* i need some coffee. =D