Thursday, December 01, 2005

Can't back down

Honestly... I can't. I know Tom Petty was all about "won't". But I can't. (More on this in a bit...)

Lately I'll admit to being a tad cranky.

Hash's grandma had a stroke and was resuscitated. She has living will but the ER team didn't know that when she got there, so they preceded to do what they do... try to save lives. Now she's bedridden and complete pissed they brought her back. Not that I can blame her, harsh as it may sound. We've talked to her since then. What do you say to someone that tells you they'd rather be dead and they mean it? =(

I had the stomach flu for a while. Had to take off a couple days of work, ended up missing a class too. The week of Thanksgiving was a hellish spree of preparing 9 filings in 3 days. Normally we're giving 3 days for 1 filing. I got a smidgen of overtime, car/bus-sick on the way home, and finally to kick off my shoes and celebrate the start to a 6 day weekend...

Ahhh and those 6 days were blissful. Short of a grocery stock up on Wednesday we never left the apartment. Waking up on the following Tuesday to go back to work was a nightmare. But some how I did it, on time no less!

(Back to my inability to just let it be)

The older I get, the worse this gets. But when I'm at work, every job I've had, I respectfully, but honestly, tell the people I have regular association when I have a problem with something they're doing, such as... dumping their work on me.

Not that it doesn't bug the shit outta me when they push it on others but with very few exceptions I don't feel it's my right, as I'm not the manager, to step in and make something of it. Today I just put my foot down, respectfully if a bit briskly, and walked away. It's baffling how people can act so shocked when you don't let them push you around. *sigh*

This weekend I'm hoping to take some pictures of recently completed projects, half starts to new projects, and all the great squares I got in the Blue Sqs Too swap!

I'm horribly behind on my blog reading too, I hope to catch up with that as well. Please forgive me!

Off to knit for a bit and crash out, so um bye. And peace. =)


Lady Wyntir said...

welcome back! take all the time you need. there was a lull in life a few weeks ago, and i think everyone took a mental vacation. hee hee

can't wait to see your pics... i have to upload my own >_< but where the time goes...

good luck and i hope you're feeling better. 6 days of rest sounds fabulous.

~wyn ^_^