Monday, March 31, 2008

Fade to Grey Shrug

Shrugs are notoriously easy and the idea for this one came about when I was trying to make an Asian style poncho. The way the colors faded so nicely made me instantly think of sleeves that started and stopped on the same color.

So I gutted a ball of the same yarn and cut it starting and ending with black and then just worked a rectangle wide enough enough for sleeves until I ran out of yarn. Luckily it worked out to the perfect length for me.

Materials: #10.5 needles and Joann's Rainbow Boucle

A fashion photographer I am not, and neither is my husband, heh. Alas this is my pic, I didn't take one of the back but it fades from the black, up to the grey, there's a white span in the back and it fades back to grey and black.

This yarn is incredibly warm and stretchy especially when done with slightly bigger needles than recommended on the label.


Anonymous said...

that's gorgeous! and it looks so good on you