Friday, December 26, 2008

Find things to buy!

I've dicovered a rather cool site recently called ShopWiki. Using ShopWiki you can search for all sorts of items on a multitude of sites. No more hunting all over for the best price on an item. Cool eh?

I went there looking for Workshop/Home Improvement products and, as always, Knitting Supplies. If you're like me, always looking for new, and possibly unusal, ways to use things, you can use the Workshop/Home Improvement section to find things like Easy Access Bins to store your Knitting Gear. XP

Another really great feature of the site is that it actually has a Wiki element to it. After you make a selection you hit a page giving you details on the item type, so if you're new to something you need tools for, you'll get some helpful hints along with your shopping links.

ShopWiki, take a peek! =D