Wednesday, June 29, 2005

WIP Wednesday #1

Deb at Crochetville started a cool lil' thread where we list out WIPs every Wednesday... so here's my first WIP Wednesdays post.

My Work-In-Progress Projects:

Baby Girl Sleeper Set - This is for a co-worker that just had a baby girl. It was 85% complete, but after showing a friend the dress she says it's too small for the baby, so I have to frog it and do some dreaded math to figure out what size will fit, heh.

Trellis Stitch Poncho - A simple but cute project I'm adapting to be shorter and lighter for summer. When complete I'm gonna keep this one! :D

Aunt B's New Angel Wrap - I've got 2-3 of these lil cuties going for friends and their babies.

Jute Sandals - I'm 1/2 done creating my own pattern for crocheted sandals, woot! I'll share the pattern once it's complete and throughly tested.

And that's it... for now! =P