Monday, July 11, 2005

Lookin' Good

I said to hell with the knitting for a bit and started on a crochet tanktop for myself. I'm working loosely from a Crystal Palace pattern. I started it Sunday evening and between spending most of the evening on it, working on it during the bus ride to and from work, as well as during lunch it's already half done, woot!! I'm using different stitches, throwing in a lil' filet around the tummy, and making it much longer. I want to actually be able to wear this to work and offices generally don't dig tummy tops, heh. Though I've seen a several women at work doing it, and breaking a dozen of the other dress code rules as well. =/

I'm generally not one to bitch and moan about such a silly topic but they've change the dress code before because of people abusing it. I don't even like business casual... but I don't want them to go back to full business dress either. I don't like suits nor can I afford them.

So Ladies of Nationwide... please do us all a favor before you get the business casual dress privilage revoked... tuck your boobs in, make sure your undies aren't visable out the top of your pants, and NEVER wear flip-flops. This might've been ok when you were in college but you're in a professional work environment now. Please look and act like it. *nods firmly*

Wear whatever the hell you want out in public. I could care less. Really. As a matter of fact none of the clothes that I wear outside of work could ever be worn to work. But again I understand what's appropriate for work... and what's not. Mini-skirts and hooker pumps fall into this category.

/end rant


Anonymous said...

I actually hate dress codes. But, if you work in an office you really should think about what is appropriate and what is not. If not, you risk an even stricter set of rules. It ruins it for everyone!!!

PBnJ said...

exactly! i would love to come to work in casual clothes every day; simple jeans, a favorite tshirt, and shoes that are comfortable, heh.

as it is we're lucky to get business casual mon-thur, and jeans fridays. =P i certainly don't want to lose few perks, heh.

Amie said...

I agree too. How many times have I seen the most inappropriate clothes from colleagues. I teach, and you should see the stuff I see. We're not allowed to wear jeans...the guys are so guilty of trying to get away with jeans. And the low-cut tops are too much. There's a teacher in the building who wears mini skirts and low-cut tops....together. If that isn't a reason to call someone in the office to speak about dress attire, I don't know what is. May I also mention that the person in question is a 4th grade teacher. You've got boys and hormones being mixed there. Not a good idea. Same thing in an office. No one wants to see that one wants to know about that tattoo you just got next to your boob or on your butt, really.

Karla said...

The point to remember is that as an employee, you are representing whatever company you work for. Hence, dress codes. Employees who dress lazily, sloppy, or barely (!) can seriously hinder a company's progress/profit. And most likely the employee (or employer) doesn't even KNOW that they have hindered the progress of the company. But customers make an impression of a company by their first impressions. So dress codes are not anything "personal", but merely a tool to insure that a professional attitude/persona is put forth of a company.

So yes, people run the risk of having even stricter dress codes enforced if the ones already set in place are not followed. The company is looking to protect their profits. A loosely dressed woman or man may affect the profit. Unless you're in a business which prefers you be loosely dressed! ;-)

PBnJ said...

heya amie and karla!

you're both so right. how you look can definately effect how customers/clients think/feel about your company.

since i work for an insurance and investment company they're obviously more conservative then say an art gallery or department store? maybe those are bad comparasion, LOL, but i couldn't think of anything else.

amie - omg i can't believe a teacher of young kids thinks that's ok?!? *shakes head* call me a prude but if i went in for parent-teacher conferences and she was dressed that like... i would definately say something about it!