Friday, July 15, 2005

It's been a busy week

OMG am I glad it's Friday! This week has been hellish. Work recap for this week: shitty meeting after shitty meeting, screaming co-workers that should be hospitalized (when we people grow up?!), and an project that needs at least 3 days... and they give me 1 and a half.

My father-in-law is having a valve replacement and bypass surgery this morning, right now actually. I know it's not an unusual procedure any more... but I can't help but be concerned. And it brings up memories of my dad's death.

It's all just piling up on me. ARGH!

You ever get that detatched feeling? Like all these shitty things are happening to someone else and you're just watching? After being stressed for so long it's just like a switch clicks. And then nothing. You just feel empty. And you can't even care.

/end Pity Party

I've signed up for the Blue Squares Too Exchange and the Autumn Secret Pal over at Crochetville, woot! This is my first time participating in something like this, it's sure to be a blast! I've got one square almost finished, I'm hoping to work on it during lunch (if I get one today). I'll scan it later tonight when I get it done.


Kelly said...

Hope things go well w/ your FIL. Good vibes going out to y’all.

Know what you mean about being a noob knitter…me too. I have so many awesome patterns, but I keep chickening out in favor of the crocheted ones.

And know what you mean about the stress thing. Hang in there.

PBnJ said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments! He made it through the surgery just fine! Now it's just my poor mother-in-law who's been crying for 2 days straight I feel bad for, heh. Luckily both of them are tough as nails. =D

Lady Wyntir said...

thanks for stopping by. my entire idea was to start making anime costumes COMPLETELY out of crocheted pieces... then i faced reality and realized i just don't have the time :(

the way i figured it, the costume would be really easy to make just by piecing together strips, and the layers and clothes sticking out can be easily achieved with the tension of my stitches. ^_^

but, i did purchase a sewing machine and will try to make some stuff that way. hopefully i'll make it by august!

Hope your father-in-law made it through okay!

~wyn :)

Deneen said...

I'm glad your FIL is okay, even if your MIL is tough, she's still scared.

I plan to do some toe up socks soon. I started the ones from Crochet Me! (In your feet and I like them and they're easy, but the toe kinda felt funky. I'm curious about yours in the WW yarn. I bought sock yarn (Magic Stripes) for mine.

Deneen said...
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PBnJ said...

Lady Wyntir - I definately like the idea! =) You've got me thinking about the vest the chickie in Cowboy Bebop wears, heh. I'll keep an eye on your site to see what other nifty things you come up with. Thanks for the well wishes!

Deneen - Yea she's still worried but talking to her later this afternoon she said the Dr's said he's doing very well!

As for the socks I like the soft thick squishy kind, heh, so I figured I'd try and make mine nice and thick like that. Maybe with tall slouchy tops? *shrug*

I have a crappy digital camera so I've been resorting to scanning my creations, heh. But I'll make sure to scan them when they're done!

Thanks for stopping by! =D