Sunday, July 17, 2005

To frog or not to frog...

This is indeed the question. I made this sweet lil' baby dress for a co-workers new baby girl and when I asked someone that had seen the baby recently (in real life not just pics) they said it was too small for her already. =( I guess she's big for her age and she's got her daddy's mile long legs, heh.

Here it is:

*Click to see the full version*

I used Caron Simple Soft in Soft Pink and Jamie Pompadour in Candy Print, my sweetie, Hash, actually helped me pick out the colors and textures! Awwwwwww =P

It's not completely "finished" it was suppose to have a lil' flower in the center of the yolk but now that I'm finding out she won't be able to wear it I find myself caught between frogging it or finishing it and saving it for 3-5 years when Hash and I decided to start with the making of the babies, heh. It just looks too cute to tear apart!!

I've got more then enough yarn left over so I'm thinking to make my friend's baby a blanket instead since those are basicially one size fits most, LOL.

Catana made a post about people hating the Single Crochet stitch and how there's so little you can do with it. I was quick to let her know this is one of my favorite stitches and you can in fact do it in a dozen variations! (ME opinionated?!? Never! hahah)

So to help others learn about these cool and simple tweaks to a common stitch I've started working up swatches and instructions. I'll be posting them here as they are completed. =) I hope they're helpful and that you enjoy them so stay tuned!


Catana said...

Great idea. I'm going to do some demo swatches too, mostly crab stitch. I didn't mean to give you the impression that I thought there wasn't much you could do with single crochet.

Allena said...

i love that cute dress! where'd you get the pattern?
so is it too small width wise or just length cause if it's too short then you could crocet up little shorts or pants for the baby but width wise i'd say finish it and save's too cute to frog!!!
it'd always make a good baby shower gift if you decide not to keep it..

PBnJ said...

catana - sweet! i loove forward to seeing them. the crab stitch is neat it can look really cool when you alternate rows of it and another sc stitch, you can work it back and forth on one side kinda like Tunisian crochet. =D

star knitter - thanks for the sweet comment!

the pattern is here:

ive also got the slippers done and was working on the diaper cover when i get the bad news about it being too small.

it's listed as 0-3 months and I'm guessing it's basically a newbown set or maybe a 3 month premie outfit. from what the gal at work side the head hole and the circumference of the chest is too small. =(

it's not a big deal really, it didn't take long at all to make, its the cuteness factor that has me torn about frogging it, hehehe.

i got actually measurements of the baby from my friend so i might try a lil brain bending math and see if i could make the dress for 6-9 months.

thanks for stopping by!

ladylinoleum said...

Hey PBnJ! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I've added you to my bloglines so I can check in with you.

I agree with you regarding single crochet. All of my creatures are made primarly of sc. Rock on girlfriend!

PBnJ said...

hey to you too ms.ladylinoleum =) im scribed to your blog too! i love ur evil lil veggie they're just too damn cute, haha. i can't help laugh and marvel at them at the same time!

as for the swatches, i got 2 done last night and will hopefully get a chance to write up the instructions tonight or tomorrow. =D

jodi said...

Hi, welcome to RAOK!

I would definitely keep the dress. You never know who else will spawn, and it would be so nice to have something already made when they do.

PBnJ said...

"spawn" hahahahah does this mean you're not a fan of kids? =P j/k

i had thought about that, but does it seem tacky that it was made for someone else and then given to someone else? im i just a paranoid i think, LOL.

thanks for visiting!

Donna said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm adding you to my list of blogs to visit. By all means, don't frog the dress, it's tooo cute. You never know when you will need another baby shower gift. It's too close to being completed. Since you were going to start another anyways, just keep this one in tact.

ladylinoleum said...

Very nice! Pretty much sc is the only st I use regularly. Agreed.