Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A maybe not so lil' peek at me

I'm a self proclaimed hippie. An unconventional hippie. A digital hippie. Don't try to gank the URL 'cuz we've already got it. *neener, neener* LOL

What does this mean? I'm my own liberal fool. I believe in freedom, the right to your own thoughts, beliefs and loves. I believe in being kind to each other. Even though I have a 5-mile wide ornery streak it's all in fun, because laughter lets you live longer and enjoy life more. I love technology and with the exception of my husband, all of my closet friends are online buds I also have the random phone conversations with. I love Mother Nature and I spend 85% of my time enclosed in 4 walls and 55% of that time in front of a computer be it at work or in our apartment. I say 'Please' and 'Thank you'. I curse like the devil.

And the rest is with all seriousness... I ran across this site last week: http://www.savethesheep.com/. And I ended up going back to it tonight and reading more.

At first I was torn. Now before the 'true' hippies and the vegans skin ME alive let me explain...I find myself in a tough position. I'm not vegetarian, nor vegan. So where does that leave me when I'm so sickened and brought to tears by the images on the this site? I couldn't even bring myself to watch the video on the front page. I felt nauseous just thinking about what I'd see after reading that "mulesing" is the term for the live flaying of the sheep. You read that right...

Then I started thinking. Does this happen with other breeds of sheep? How many? What of the other fibers fetishists like so much? Angora, cashmere, alpaca, camel? Maybe? Probably? I'm afraid to know what is probably a sick truth, but I'm compelled to find out.

The rational so far? The consumption of meat and the death of animals that it comes from makes more sense to me then the torture and death of an animal to dress us 'nicely' and so fiber addicts can get their fix.

I came across a link giving alternatives to different wool fibers, it even listed specific brands. I can't seem to find that link in my favorites tho I was sure I had saved it. I believe that's where I found the Save the Sheep link.

Now the uber yarn snobs make even less sense to me. In an age when we can duplicate these fibers and it can stop cruelty like this (and spend less) why not use them? Is it the price factor?

Now more then ever we're in a time where money is 'power' and it can make you 'popular', new trends start everyday and they're 'out' 5 minutes later. People pay $70 for jeans that look like $20 jeans that've been abused for 7 years. People pay $1000 for crocheted Chanel handbags that relatively experienced crocheter could make in a night or two and yet sell on eBay for $15-25.

Does that make it better? Of course not.

But I believe some people need status symbols. What we wear or accessorize ourselves with can say a good bit about us to people without saying a word.

My clothes have never said 'I have something to prove'. Could you tell how much I make by my wardrobe? I've never thought about it. I couldn't possibly care if someone else likes what I like or wear (with the exception of appropriateness).

At this point I have no idea where I was going to end with this. This past week has been draining but I feel like I'm on the mend. *sigh* I need to go to bed now and 'catch up' on some sleep.

Peace and love,
PBnJ the Digital Hippie


Jessica said...

Australian wool is currently being boycotted by many (including me, not that they've probably noticed :), as they seem to be the worst offenders. I mean, if even Ambercrombie & Fitch, the least socially-progrssive brand on the planet, thinks it wrong, it probably is.

I'm a vegetarian because I think it's wrong to eat creatures. However, I wear some leather, so I'm a bit of a hypocrite. But at least I acknowledge my hypocracy and try to minimize it by trying to only buy leather products that've been used (i.e. in a thrift store).

It's all abut your personal comfort level. If you are comfortable with living how you do with the knowledge that you have, then do so. If you're not comfortable, then ... you have some thinking to do. Even one tiny change can make a difference if enough people do it.

Deneen said...

Interesting site, sickening actually. I don't use any Australian wool, not that my boycott would make a difference, but it does in my mind.

I couldn't watch the video-didn't even attempt it.

I am not a vegetarian, but do try to buy organic, farm raised food.

I also do not stay true to fashions, of course with a 5 year old daughter to buy for, my stuff comes off the clearance rack anyway!

Donna said...

I haven't visited the site just yet, but plan to, I'm not sure I can handle it just now. I'm already broken hearted about my cat having to sleep in my basement studio alone and have always been soft hearted about harming animals.

Anonymous said...

a cup of coffee can go a long way.

PBnJ said...

jessica: Are there Amercian brands/breeds that are proven to be better treated? It won't be a hard loss to me, not using wool. To be honest I only found it nice for containers and rugs, most types are just way too rough on my skin. But listing alternatives for wool lovers to go to instead of the Aussie woll might help the boycott? *shrug* who knows?

deneen: I think every lil' bit helps. And if big brand name clothing companies are stepping back and saying WTF?!? I think it's definately a step in the right direction.

Anonymous: is that you Bob?!? =P

PBnJ said...

donna: awwww yea =/ I hate having to scold or yell at my kittie cat...

Anonymous said...

Boy ur are good U know me too well ;))