Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Boucle is my bane

It was suppose to be a simple shrug to match a sleeveless dress. Its this damn boucle yarn! *shakes fist*

Boucle and I have a love/hate relationship. I love how she feels and looks. Frogging more then a stitch or two is a hassle. And she mocks me the whole time.

I think it will be worth it in the end. =D Now I just need to find someone with a decent digital camera to take a pic of it when it's done.


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Ack! I know exactly how you feel. I love it. I hate it. I think a hundred times before using it for a project, but I still don't hesitate to buy it if it's pretty. It is my bane, too!

(forgot a word. I'm a big dork. :)

PBnJ said...

good morning!

hahaha it's just so tempting with all it's soft and fluffiness though! I found the Soft Straw color on $2 clearance at JoAnn's so I figured what the hell even if I hated working with it I only spent $6.

i went to work the seams last night and realized the sleeves were 2-3" longer then i wanted them to be. normally it's no big thing, it's obviously much easier to tear out a few rows then to work them up. not so in the case of this yarn, haha. i finally gave up and worked on something a lil' more soothing before i went to bed.

i'll prolly finish it up this weekend when i get more time. =)

Donna said...

I'm the same way about boucle....I love it, but frogging is a pain! If you are frogging a few rows in the sleeves, maybe if it gets caught, just CAREFULLY cut it and then keep frogging.

PBnJ said...

ohhhh thanks for the suggestion donna! To be honest I got distracted with another crochet project and a video game this weekend, hahah. So I didn't get anything done on the shrug.

That's not really a bad thing since its still 90+ degrees here everyday. Last thing I need on a day like today is a thick fluffy shrug like this boucle one, heh.

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