Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Never a dull day

Is it really Tuesday already?! I guess that's a good thing, just 3 more days until the weekend is here again. I say 3 because I'm stubborn and I won't count the active day... that's just another day to add to the count and that bums me out.

I spent a good deal of the time in front of my computer this past weekend. But could never seem to get around to making a post here...

I blame it on Crochetville and Neverwinter Nights! An awesome site and an entralling video game.

I love and dread being new to a community message board...

Why I love it: There are soooo many tips and project ideas hiding in the forums, all of them wonderful secrets I can't wait to devel into.

Why I dread it: I tend to lose track of time digging for my treasures and next thing I know the entire weekend is gone and though I've gathered a sweet To-try-next list... I no longer have time that weekend to actually TRY any of them, heh.

We're doing some furniture arranging in our computer room (aka the dining room we never used as a dining room) so my computer is in the living room for the next day or two. When the dust settles and I get things reconnected I have a half a dozen things I want to scan and share.

I've been altering several 12" squares to use in Crochetville's 6" Blue Squares Too swap. This past weekend I contacted the designers and have been given permission to post the altered patterns, woot! I'll post the instructions and previews of the sqaures as soon as my system is hooked up to the scanner again.


Donna said...

I count the days as days I've dragged myself out of bed, so in my count, there are 3 more days in the week too.