Thursday, July 07, 2005

Please sir, can I have some more?

After a hair pulling morning, an important doctors appointment and a paniced trip to the bank... I decide I hadn't had enough stress intake for the day.

Then I come home and picked up my knitting swatch.

I'm a newb knitter and this has been such a change from crochet. I've tried to learn how to knit dozens of time, but I've always made a mess of it and said nevermind. =/ This time I'm doing my best to stick with it. It helps that I've found several dreamy patterns and I'd love to make once I figure these damn sticks out. XD

I feel soooo clusmy and slow. I'm sure it was much the same when I was learning to crochet (forgive a girl's bad memory I learned to crochet about the same time I learned to hold a pencil).

So now I'm home and have been working on a basic knit swatch for about a hour, repeating the same stitch over and over and over... I fought bravely, ignoring the split stitches and the alternating tension and just kept going (I had already frogged this yarn to death on this pratice project). Next thing I know I have 40 rows done and could see a gradual improvement as the rows went on.

Woot for me! Hey at least at this point I could make a very simple scarf, hehe.

Onward and upward... to the purl stitch!