Monday, August 22, 2005

In Crochet News...

Saturday I received a RAOK containing the cutest notecards from Cheryl (a gorgeous lady with amazing talent!) at Diva Knitting!! Thank you so much!! Their almost too cute to even use, LOL.

That settles it! I've received some very cool RAOK gifts in the past month. And now it's time for me to get off my ass and give to others as well. I'll be sitting down this afternoon and making a list of some possible gifts and their recipients. =)

I have something else to add to my Completed Projects list, yippee! I made a bikini for myself this weekend. *insert lil' dance*

It's just your basic triangle bikini top with some nubby stitches and a thong bottom, again with the nubby stitches. I used some left over pink Simply Soft, well because it's soft and I don't intend to actually wear my new suit in water, it's more of a "sunning" suit minus the sun since the Irish in my like to insta-fry in UV rays, plus the top will be nice to just wear around the house with shorts or a skirt. I really wish I had a digital camera, argh, I'd really like to show this completed piece off!! I might try and take a shitty webcam pic of it later tonight.

I took sketchy notes as I was making it now hopefully I can decipher them and make up a pattern for this cute lil' suit. *shrug* I was feeling restless and couldn't seem to focus on any of the other projects I have going so I just picked something up and went with it.

I also spent a lot of time watching movies this past weekend and a small project like the bikini was fun to work on while I watched Sin City, Ocean's Twelve, and all 10 episodes of Band of Brothers. With last night's new AdultSwim cartoons mixed in too, heh.

I still have a moderate amount of the pink Simply Soft left over. I think I'm going to make my friend Cris a ruffle scarf. =)

Today I got more information about the Stitch'N Club at work and I've been invited to go to one of their meetings tomorrow. The group leader said she doesn't know what they will do with the dues yet since they just started the group back in June. So far the dues paid have bought storage containers for the "Community Chest" of donated craft supplies. So far it doesn't sound bad, dues might go up to $10 for the whole year, which isn't terrible. When they mentioned $5 only being for the remainder of the year I had fears they were going to charge as much as the Crochet Guild does, LMAO. At least there its better understood where those funds are going.

They did give a list of a good number of the fiber store in the Columbus Area though!! whoohoo I'll be typing those up ASAP and making a permanet post with them listed for others in my area.
Oh, speaking of LYS's that bulk supply place wasn't the treasure trove I was a hoping for but it wasn't a complete flop. They only carry Coats and Clark fibers so there was a lot of Red Heart's line, but not just the Super Savers, they have the baby soft, chunky, Symphony, a couple of the novelty yarns, etc. Lots of colors and all about the same as Wal-Mart's prices (but hey it's closer to home, heh). And they have a boat load of threads and cottons from Coats and Clark as well. So again not what I was hoping for but not horrible.

OK back to work I'm suppose to be working through my lunch so I can get outta here an hour early, hehe. Hey! It's not my fault there's _really_ nothing to do.... =P


Jessica said...

Can't wait to see the list of local fiber-y places!

PBnJ said...

Thanks jessica, I'll get the list up ASAP.

As for commenters 2-4... keep the fucking SPAM on your own site! WTF?! I want nothing to do with your money scam, religion scam, or drug scam. Go the fuck away!

Is anyone else having trouble with these people?!? Or person?

Jessica said...

You can delete the spam comments. That's what I do. I've never gotten as many as this, though!

PBnJ said...

OMG that was insane! I've just got done delete 20 spam comments. I never had a spam comment until today. I have no idea what triggered them all. =( The first couple I thought was just a spammy asshole. After 5-6 comments I figured it was just some shitty bot. ARGH!

I've enabled word verification on comments now. Sorry for the hassle but I don't feel like weeding thru that crap regularly. I've gotta do enough of that with just my email, heh.

Jordi said...

very good blog...

ck said...

Glad you like the cards :)

I can't wait to see your LYS list. I occasionally go through Columbus and it would be great to have an excuse to get off the interstate and yarn shop.

I get a few of those spam comments too. Damn bots!!!

Happy Crocheting/Knitting!