Thursday, August 18, 2005

Random Stuff

I didn't get a WIP Wednesday post out yesterday but it's pretty much the same list as last week, heh.

Yesterday a friend and I participated in Nationwide's Community Care Days where you volunteer to help with an area charity program. In our case we helped United Way with their Meals on Wheels deliveries. We had a lot of fun! Everyone was so nice and it was heartwarming to see how excited people got from a nice meal and a little bit of socializing. We're definately looking into making this a regular thing. Especially since the "route" they gave us was all in one apartment building for the eldery, it's only a few blocks from where we work. We just started at the top floor and worked out way down.

I got home at about 2pm after our deliveries were done and we had lunch. After I got home I went back out and did a few errands before traffic got hellish. On the way back home I took a shortcut and noticed that a bulk craft supply store about 2 blocks (maybe less) from my house is now selling yarn!! I noticed because they had a big ol' sign up about it, hehe. I know I've called and visited this place a few times in the past couple of years asking if they sold yarn and I was always told no. Well they were closed at the time so I'm going to be checking them out this evening to see if they have anything worthwhile. I hope so, having a LYS this close would be dreamy!!

I've signed up for a "Stitch'N" club through my works "activities center", I'm now waiting to get information about their dues and how often they meet. I already have to pay dues to get in with the activities center so I hope the fees for the club aren't too expensive. To be honest I don't fully understand why there are dues, heh, since we are to meet during our lunch hour in the cafeteria here at work, we're to bring our own projects and meals and there's no group activies outside of just hanging out once every two weeks so ummm what's the $$ going towards? =P

Eh well I'll just have to wait and see. I'm just excited by the prospect of getting together with some fellow stitchers! =) I haven't been in a group for this kinda thing since moving to Ohio in Winter 2000. I've really missed it!!


Jessica said...

Sounds like you're finding lots of fun stuff lately!

If you're ever in the mood to meet up, let me know - I work in downtown Cols., too, and I'd love to have someone to go to one of the LYS with.

PBnJ said...

sweet!! that would be awesome! =) i'll send you an email and maybe we can arrange something. next week might be a lil' too hectic for me to do much. but the week after should be pretty calm where i can leave the office, heh.