Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sick day

Ugh, had to take a sick day today so this is going to be short. I have a pinched nerve in my hip and it likes to give me hell at random times. It chose last night about 3 am and wouldn't let me get back to sleep until 7 am. I spent most of the day gulping pain pills and sleeping.

Yesterday I received 2 wonderful RAOK gifts! One was a beautiful postcard from California. I'll scan the pic as soon as I'm feeling better. I also got a sweet K sized double ended hook! This is perfect timing, I've been thinking to get a bigger afghan hook to try and make some sturdy bags (I only have a short size I).

I think I'm going to pair up the El Paso yarn and the dbl-ended hook and see what I can come up with. =) Thank you to all my awesome 'fairy godparents', heh.

Ok back to bed. Have a good one.


Jessica said...

Yuck! Hope you're feeling better soon!

PBnJ said...

Thanks so much! =) A full day of sleep yesterday really did help. I'm still a lil' stiff today but I can move around which is one up on yesterday, heh.

ck said...

Hope you feel a little better by now!