Monday, August 29, 2005

A Weekend in Hell

I'm posting this from work so this'll be fairly short. I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog in a bit. First I was busy and now... well now we've been without electricity in our apartment since Friday morning and we won't be getting it back until Wednesday.

A long story (and phone argument) short... I mailed several cashiers checks for bills on the 19th and somehow only one of them made it to their destination (which is the same fucking city I live in!!!) over a week later. With a week having past since checks where written we're tight on cash. But the electric people couldn't have cared less, so even once the cashiers check I sent gets there I still have to pay a $100 reconnect fee hence the no juice to our toys that plug in until I get paid again on Wednesday.

Another long story short, between the heat, short tempers, sitting in the dark for hours, and a newly acquired UTI (urinary track infection) this weekend was anything but pleasant. As a matter of fact, I don't even want to talk about how miserable the weekend was. I didn't start this blog for it to turn into a pity party. Fuck pity, I hate pity. =P

I did have some good news on Friday though; I was really disappointed I couldn't blog about it. My SP sent me another package!! This time I got a skein of pretty aqua Bernat yarn, vanilla sugar potpourri (yummy!), a vanilla caramel candle (that smelled soooo good and really came in handy this weekend, heh), uber cute sticky notes in the shape of a 'N' (I've brought them into work to use!), some knitting note cards, an ergonomic 'G' crochet hook (which I had to try out immediately! And I love it!) And a perfectly adorable crocheted turtle bookmark!! Everything was wonderful! Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts!

Now back to the grindstone with me. I'll catch up on my Bloglines Subs as soon as I can. Have a good one. =)


Jessica said...

Oh yuck. That just blows. I hate when everything just kind of stacks up on you at once. Here's hoping the next week is better.

(That's not pity, by the way. It's empathy. ;)

Lady Wyntir said...

Ouuh nouh! With the UTI it's hard to have fun in the dark.... ~insert evil grin here~

I know about the heat and short tempers. We have AC and it still bothers me. Too much stress i think.

Good luck with the billies. I hate when things are delayed in the mail.

~wyn ^_^

PBnJ said...

You're both too funny, thanks for the smile this morning. =)

The checks still haven't arrived yet and when I called the credit union they said I'll have to pay $15 on each check I want to stop payment on, then wait 24-48 hours before it's redeposited in my account. ARGH!!

I normally just take the payments to each of the offices and pay right there, I guess I need to go back to doing that to make sure it gets there when it needs to. blah. =P

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a horrible weekend. We had a similar experience during the blackout a couple years AC/eliectricity and 95 degrees. Now if I would have had a UTI during that I might have killed someone :) Hope your week goes much better and I'm glad that you got your package!!

Your SP

KathyMarie said...

Man, I hope this week gets better for you and yours. None of those things are fun, but piled together they become craptacular. Handing you a virtual cup of tea...