Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I've learned to knit!!! Not only have I learned to knit but I've already started designing my own sweater! Nothing complicated but I'm definitely a production oriented person so to practice I want to DO something not just swatch and swatch and swatch like I've been doing for the past couple of weeks.

I want to start up a 'Newb Knitting Tips from a Newb Knitter' list to help other new knitters figure out some of the things that first tripped me up on my path to knitting bliss. There were just some things, questions that I couldn't seem to find answers on when reading books and tutorials. I've started a small list so far, but I'll keep updating it as I learn new things. I've also finding out there are more things in common with crochet and knitting than I first thought. Certain steps and stitches are very similar.

Now if I can just find a community like Crochetville for knitting I'll be set! =D

We didn't get our electricity turned on until Thursday (the check didn't get to AEP until Tuesday!)... Just in time for the nice weather to get here. Figures. I kept telling myself it was like camping... but it didn't help, LOL. Either way I'm just happy as hell to say it's paid off and juice is now making all our computers and such hum with joy.

Friday night was spent out by the pond behind our apartment knitting until the sun went down. Wow was the weather gorgeous! Saturday morning was spent on the deck... knitting. With a couple movies and a trip to the store thrown in. Sunday and Monday more time was spent indoors since it got warmer again. But I still didn't do much of anything but knit and crochet and chatting with Hash. Oh and play World of Warcraft for a couple hours. And to top things off my UTI seems to be gone, thank heavens, I was about to go insane! Honest.

All in all it was a very relaxing weekend, one that beat the hell outta the past couple of weeks I've had, heh.

Thanks so much for all the kind (and funny!) comments left during my really shitty finances time. You guys are too sweet!

I finally got to attend one of the Stitch'N Club meetings at work! The first one was a bust because I had to do some silly online tutorial for a program I already know how to use, heh. I got to go to the informal "Open Stitch" meeting which is held in the cafeteria. It was just 6-7 of us just working on our own projects and chatting. It was really nice. There was even a knitter there and I got to ask her a few questions. One lady was kind enough to stick around and catch me up on what the entire group has done so far (they were just established in June of this year).

After I got back from the meeting I sent an excited letter to the president of the group and let her know I had a blast and that I had some ideas I'd like to contribute especially about the charity project they want to start next month. I also offered to help with the website they are planning. To my surprise (and excitement!) they offered me a position on their Planning Committee!! Woot! So my bossiness is finally paying off in a way I like, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I finally decided to sit down and learn as well. The big difference for me from crochet is how much slower it seems. Sometimes, I crochet in a frenzy to finish a project. But, you really can't seem to do that with knitting (at least I can't).

Let me know if you find a knitting community.

knitting pinki said...

Congrats on learning to knit. I'm sure you'll love it as much as crocheting. I'm not sure if you heard of this site, but www.stitchguide.com is a life saver. They have video clips of each stitch for crochet too.

Lady Wyntir said...

Congrats!!! YAY!! (Knitting and electricity!)

My sister also knits, she loves it. ^_^

I still don't understand how people tend to fit two needles on the subway. one is cramped enough for me! :P

Can't wait to see your first project. Keep on stitchin'!

~wyn ^_^

PBnJ said...

Cindy, I agree, crochet is much faster, partly becuz I'm so much more familiar with it and partly becuz I have less tools to juggle as I'm working, heh. Knitting stitches all seem to be much shorter then crochet stitches. The height of your standard knit and purl stitch is less then that of a sc. o_O

Thank you Pinki! I love StitchGuide, you're right it's a life saver, heh. Videos show you lil' details that you just don't get in the books. I've also found the DoItYourself (DIY) Network's Knitty Gritty to be very helpful. I wish we had that channel here! But alas I must make do with the clips that DIY has on their website, heh.

Wyntir, thanks so much! I don't have a set yet but I hear circular needles (short sticks with a malible cord between them) really help when you're in a cramped area. Me... well I'll just elbow people outta the way until I can get my own set of circs, LOL.