Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WIP Wednesday #3

Blue Squares Too - 6x6" Squares (Ummm 5 of 35 complete, thankfully I have until Hallowmas to get all these done, heh)
Secret Pal Goodies (and no I'm not telling what they are)
Elle's Baby Blanket (I started the center ripples of a Star Ripple blankie last night)

Small Purse with Crochet Edging
Simple Sleeveless Sweater (the more I think about this the more I'm thinking to add sleeves, something stripey, woooo)

I'm making the sweater out of the beautiful aqua yarn sent to me by my Secret Pal! The body is going to be solid aqua, possibly a black stripe across the chest, ohhh or a skullie maybe?! And as I mentioned above I'm thinking to add sleeves now. Something like, hmmm... Alternating aqua and black every 4-5 rows all the way down. I'm definately adding a skullie if I do the long stripey sleeves. It's almost manditory. *nods*

This pattern is going to be uber simple. Honestly. And if it doesn't look like poo, I'll share it with you all. =D Wheee!

And lookit! A picture of my sexay knitting... look at all those neat and even stitches... hubba hubba!

My Planning Committee meeting was moved to tomorrow, which works out perfectly. I would have only been able to make it to half the meeting due to a work meeting my manager kindly scheduled right over my lunch period. Go Boss! =P
I asked my MIL to take some pictures of the new crochet earrings I'm making. And instead she sends me an old digital camera she doesn't use. I don't get it... but I'm not going to complain, LOL. Now I can take pics of... well everything and anything, heh.
Sooooo while I'm showing off pictures of sexay things (LOL) here's one of me and Hash... We are at the stop light so no fears that we're cheesin' it up at 55 mphs, hehe.

*Click to see larger versions of the pictures.*


Lady Wyntir said...

very cute picture of the two of you :D. Also beautiful stitches!

PBnJ said...

hehe thank you! =D