Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A new look and a new ring

On and off for a month or more I've been working on an updated look for this place. And now it's done. Woot!

I'm really digging the warmer fall colors and the serif font. I've added new content to the side bar, rearranged the order of some things and some things were just plain ol' removed.

Ugh @ Blogger. It would have been easier to have made just a regular web site I swear. But I want to be able to tweak and change things on the fly when I'm not at home with all my server and FTP software. So Blogger it is. Where everything under the sun must be contained in ONE damn template!

I dig it though. I figured it out and it was worth the trouble in my opinion so *shrug*.

Please do me a favor and let me know if you spot any broken code or links so I can fix it ASAP. Many, many thanks!

As for the new ring... its a WebRing. My first at that, whoohoo! Take a peek at the top right-hand corner and get the scoop and click the link to be taken to the Yarn Whores website.

CJB is it's temporary host as soon as I get a chance I'll upload this to my personal server.

So umm. Yay for yarn! =D


Kelly said...

Love the new format!

Jessica said...

Like the new colors, though I have to admit I find the font and all caps hard to read. But it doesn't matter what I think, since I usually read the feed, anyway. :)

On the individual page for posts, your commenting has disappeared. I did the same thing when I last fiddled with my blog! :)

Lady Wyntir said...

YAY!! i love the new look. very sleek.

i don't know if it's my encoding (i visit several pages of a different language), but in the "About Me" section, right after you entered "married and madly in love with my best friend and soulmate, Hash..." there is a carrotted A, a Euro symbol and an end quote.

again, that could just be my text encoding... hee hee

but i love it! good work. i'm still modifying just my template. someday i'll have time to do it from scratch! :D

PBnJ said...

thanks kelly!

heya jessica, what about the text is hard to read? have i made it too small? ugh @ those comment posts i didn't even think about the individual pages since i don't view it like that. thanks for the heads up!

thanks lady wyntir! and no i don't think it's your encoding. =( i see the funky characters too. the really funky part is that there's no character there, its just a space and for some reason it's freaking out. gah! i'll have to work on that a bit and see what's up. thanks for pointing it out!

SheCrochets said...

WOW! This looks great; I am so impressed. I need to get me some of them thar computer skills and make me a purty page, too!

KathyMarie said...

Sweet new look! I really dig the banner/picture/heading thing (you can see why I use the basic blogger template, right!). Great job.

ck said...

The new look is great!

WordPress is nice though for customization and you can do it anywhere through a browser interface. In case you ever decdie to dump blogger..WP is a great option.

Going to check out your ring :)