Thursday, October 20, 2005

SP Revealed!


It's been a rediculously busy at work this week. I've had meetings every day and in some cases back to back ones all day long. Gah! Too bad most of them are about projects not related to me or my teams... so why the hell was I need there?!?!?

*sigh* Oh well. I feeling a lil' rundown/drained due to this so I'm determined to get to bed early tonight.

Terribly exciting news... I got my SP Reveal Package today!! From... Shellbaby! OMG girl you were TOO generous, seriously! I'm half afraid to take pics of all these goodies... else the person I'm SP to is just going to think I suck! =(

Ok I'm kinda sorta kidding. I'm all but praying the SP-recipent likes what I've made and sent, heh. But I'm definately taking pictures of my wonderful gifts!

Sorry for leaving this so short but I really do need to climb into some warm PJs and then into bed. I promise to upload pictures this weekend!

Thank you Shellbaby, you totally rock! *hugs*