Sunday, October 30, 2005

SP Gifts and New Found Booty

Whew this has been a hell of a week. But I took Monday off so I've still got another day to recoup, whoohoo!
Here are the promised pics of my SP reveal package. I loveeeeeeeee the super cute lil' ghost and had to hang him up right away.
Maybe he'll keep away the church people that have been leaving their "Hell Day" flyers all over town. These people are essentially saying... If you let your children Trick or Treat you're sending them right into the arms of the devil. Hell Day' is a re-enactment of the burning torturous hell awaiting you if you celebrate Hallowmas. Their words, not mine. No comment.

We had a"thrilling" team building activity on Friday. We all packed up and went to a pumpkin farm intended for Seniors and Kiddies. Oh yay.

Toyia and I arrived shortly after 1, the scheduled time. No one was around and we half thought they'd changed their minds and didn't bother letting us know about it. I really wouldn't put it past them. They're considerate like that, really. After waiting down a bit we went to check out a garage sale across the street. After playing chicken with some semi's we made it safely across and found a varitable treasure of items!

Toyia's awesome eye spotted a box of slightly ooky old yarn and (the real treasure) a FISTful of knitting needles in various sizes!! The lady running the place said make me a deal... so I got yarn, needles and a sturdy WIP bag all for $2.00!!! I was deeeeeeeeelighted. I've never come across a deal like this. I honestly haven't come across hooks or needles at a garage sale _ever_. If I had I would have snagged them in a heartbeat too.

Toyia settled on a pretty silk scarf and a baking dish, heh.

As we're heading back to the car with our new found booty we spot our managers. I pretty much let them have it. Respectfully of course. But dag I was frustrated so I had to let them know.

1) We didn't want to be here in the first place, but if we didn't come we're sure to be dubbed as not being "Team Players". 2) They were an hour late! 3) Someone hadn't even bother to call the farm and tell them we (all of us) wouldn't be there until 1 instead of the scheduled noon. 4) A woman on our team came and waited for us on her day off for OVER an hour, finally had given up and left (before Toyia and I even got there). It seems no one else let her know we were coming at late either.

On with the merriment.

In a group of 20 people only 2 of them were male and half the women were wigging out... Ewww OMG bugs, and dirt, and what are those clucking feathered things. That ma'am would be a chicken. Duh.

On my life, may I never hear the following words again.

"I won't eat eggs because they come from a chicken's poophole."

I honestly couldn't do anything but stare. And turn away.

Mind you I wasn't raised 'on the farm' or 'in the country'. I was raised in a mid-sized town in Iowa, called Cedar Rapids. It wasn't half bad. For being in Iowa it's one of the best places to be. About 400K-500K people, a good selection of businesses, nature stuff, places of interest, etc. Things are slower, more organized, and crime is pretty low.

But when you left the city proper things became much quieter, much more rural. But it's still nice and tho we didn't have rolling hills all over or sky high mountains it's got it's own beauty. My family had a small garden, we camped and fished, and had relatives with farms. I was a shy tomboy has a kid.

Now I'm a not-so-shy-pretty-but-oddly-mouthy tomboy. So these priss bitches bug the shit outta me. If you can't deal with nature and all her beauty and creepy crawlies why the hell would you encourage a trip like this?! Why don't you suggest a trip to Easton or Polaris (or any other mall in town) next time? I'm sure you'll be much more at home there and less likely to scream like you're being shot at when something brushes your arm.


On a brigher note I went sale scrounging and found some lovely goodies! Hobby Lobby has the best prices on hooks and needles!! In some case they're $2-3 and in one case $10 cheaper then Michael's, Joann's, or Hancock Fabrics.

I picked up some nice and thick #11/8mm knitting needles and I'm already trying them out on some Red Heart Grande that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I didn't take a pic before I started working with it but I'm loving this yarn. It's thick and smooth and it works up and frogs soooooooo easily. I definatly need to get some more of this. I know Bolek's (check the LYS list linked on the right to find them) has RH Grande for $3 a skien in at least a dozen colors.

I bought some oh-so-soft laceweight cream mohair at The Yarn Shop a month or so ago. I couldn't figure out what to do with it once I got it home though. =/ Well Last Minute Knitted Gifts has a nice small scarf pattern using #10's and mohair like mine so Ima give it a try. =)

My last stop was Joann's where I used a 40% off coupon on some pretty, silky Angel Hair and found Moda Dea's Ricochet down to $2 a skien. Woot!

I've blabbed enough. My needles and Hash's chunky slippers are calling me. =D


wittyknits said...

Adults acted like that? Adults didn't know what a chicken was? I would be sooooo pissed.

Wow. I mean, I grew up on a farm, so I have more knowledge of such things than most people in the city, but still. I can't fathom that.

I'm sad that I haven't seen Hell Day fliers in my part of town. I love messing with those sorts of people!