Sunday, December 11, 2005

All better!

Whoohooo! I fixed the site! Well except for that pesky no comment on the direct page thing, I'm going to get around to that one of these days... =P

Not a whole lot new in the craft realm. I'm currently addicted to making doll clothes, LMAO! What started out as a cute project for a friends daughter has become a new area for creativity and design.

As odd as that may sound think about it... Dolls such as Barbie are literally 1/6th our size so even something like converting an adult pattern to such a small size is a new adventure, heh. And when you need to frog back to a mistake or to resize something it's 20 sts and 5 rows back instead of 70 sts and 20 rows back, hehehe.

Ah well. *shrug* =D


Lady Wyntir said...

i never thought of it that way... very interesting. do you use the same weight yarn, or have you moved to something a little smaller?

Jennifer said...

Hi. I love your site. Can I link you to mine? Where do you get the code for the Works in Progress area on the right side of your site. I really want that.

Warm wishes,