Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pattern: Lichen Symphony Scarf

Lichen Symphony Scarf

(I know this is a terrible picture, not to mention it makes my neck look fat [lol], I'll do my best to get some more out here.)

Yarn: Red Heart Symphony - Juniper (I used less than half a skein on this scarf)
Needles: US #13 / 9.00mm

Note: Slip first stitch of each row knitwise on knit rows, purlwise on purl rows. This will create a smooth edge along your scarf.

CO 18.
Row 1-7: K all. (piece should measure about 3")
Row 8-126: St st. (piece should measure about 42")
Row 127-134: K all. (piece should measure about 45")

Weave in ends. Block to 6" wide and 45" or longer.


Donna said...

Don't you just love the Symphony much yardage! Beautiful work.