Monday, May 04, 2009

Phlimey's Phashions!

With the help of Matt I've decided to name my Pullip after a Star Wars Galaxies character we share, Phlimey Ogatoo. =D It's a quirky name that suits the doll's character!

Miss Phlimey is getting ready to open her own clothing shop which is appropriately named:

Phlimey's Phashions Logo

Stock will range from items like beanie and stocking hats to sweaters, swimwear, to skirts and dresses and possibly some socks.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

My 1st Pullip

I've recently adopted my first Pullip and today I took my first photos of her. I think she's just too cute! Haven't named her yet. Traggie included the outfit below as well as a pretty teal dress with gold accents.

I'm a tinkerer so I've admittedly cracked her head open already, heh. I've got a few customizations in mind but I'm in no rush to get started on them just yet. I'm having too much fun making clothes for her right now.

A nice close up shot.

Sporting a simple lil' roll-brim beanie I made using measurements from Jun Planning's site.I was pleased to see it fit nicely when she got here.

A new pet turtle. He doesn't have a name yet either, heh. Her wig is made of win IMO. I like the tidy fat curls but I'm going to separate them and let her wear it all wild and crazy like.

See didn't take long to get comfortable with each other. She's adorable in the slim fitting dress I worked up. For a prototype the dress turned out much better than I hoped for! It has a couple lil' snaps in the back making it easy to slip on and off.

<3 <3 <3

Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tiny Knits = Too much fun!

For those you not yet confused/lost by my myrid of hobbies here's a new one... Jun Planning has these awesome little dolls called Dal. Each is their own little character, costume and all. I've been eye-balling Pullips for a while but now 'Angry' has realllllly caught my eye. In preparation for the yet-to-be-determined arrival of a lovely JP doll I've started knitting small items.

I've got a set of bra and panties which were very quick knits. FYI, this set is modeled on a Bratz doll instead of a Dal:

And last night I started on a couple of cardigans.

The first looks much like this:

And the other looks kinda like this, the basic shape anyway, but I've used a leaf and vine stitch pattern along the bottom edge and on the sleeves:

After that I think I'm going to give something like this a try, it's cute something I'd wear myself:

I'm loving working with the petite projects; the thinner specialty yarns, the tiny needles that make such delicate stitches. As well as getting to experiement on projects that show results sooner rather than later without the quality suffering.