Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pattern: Tri-Color Mini Tote

Here's a lil' bag/tote that I made over the weekend. Knitting this lil' baby up took about 5 hours total once I got my plan of attack in place.

I took it with me to work today and got a lot of compliments on it (and not just from my stitch'n pals, heh).

It's nice and sturdy and big enough to hold a paperback (a prerequisite for all my purses), a wallet, and some other goodies. No pattern per se, just a general idea of what I wanted and how to go about it, and suddenly... fa-waaa!

Dimensions: 7" high, 8" wide, 3" deep
3 strands of worsted weight yarn (held together)
#13 needlesa big fat needle for weaving the ends in

Gauge: 1" = 3.0 sts / 4.0 rows 4" = 12.0 sts / 16.0 rows

Stitches used:
Cast On (CO)
Knit (K)
Purl (P)
Garter Stitch (G St) - Row 1: K all. Rep Row 1.
Stockinette (St St) - Row 1: K all. Row 2: P all. Repeat Row 1-2.
Seed (Seed St) - Row 1: K1, P1, repeat. Row 2: P1, K1, repeat. Repeat Row 1-2.
Bind Off (BO)

CO 26 sts
Row 1-2: G St across.
Row 3: K7, BO12, K7
Row 4: K7, CO12, K7
Row 5-8: G St across.
Row 9-28: St St across. (20 Rows)
Row 29-40: Seed St across. (12 Rows)
Row 41-60: St St across. (20 Rows)
Row 61-64: G St across.
Row 65: K7, BO12, K7
Row 66: K7, CO12, K7
Row 67: G St across.
BO all sts

Finishing: Fold in half inside out and seam up left and right sides of bag. Attach new yarn or use tails to weave in and reinforce handles. Weave in and clip all ends. Fini.

Please contact me if you have any questions!


Anonymous said...

I love this! Please, please, please share how you knitted this bag. I love simple yet classic knits. I would love to wear my version of your bag (since I can't have yours) all around town.

Jessica said...

That's a really neat pattern. :) And it would be perfect for me since I always have to have a book with me, too. ;) Now I know I'm not the only one. lol

Anonymous said...

I love this bag... Its amazing. I'm gonna make myself one as soon as I get the chance.

Gerbil Knitting said...

this is a cool bag. I'm going to knit one.

Anonymous said...

I need help after knitting bo knitting then how to knit co knit

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great, easy, cute pattern. I knitted one for myself in shades of brown left over from another project. I've gotten so many compliments from strangers that I'm working up another one in violets for my mother-in-law for Christmas. They're fast, sturdy, and adorable!

Anonymous said...

how much yardage is needed on each skein?

MATIN said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern. Could you please help me? I dont know after BO, the next row what i should exactly do?

Anonymous said...

great purse. I'm on my 4th. I used smaller needles for a smaller bag for my little girls. And I added more stitches for a larger bag as well as cotton yarn for a more beachy look for my looks amazing so far. This is such a versatile pattern to play with. This purse makes a great, easy, and quick-knitting Christmas gift.

Anonymous said...

To co after bo I felt like my needles were the wrong way round, like I was going the wrong way so I turned the needles around and co purl wise (following on from the last stitch) when I had co enough I carried on knitting at the other side of the handle. Hope this helps.