Friday, August 12, 2005

If there were a contest...

...for the best Secret Pal ever... I'm sure mine would win! LOL

I got a wonderful, mavelous package from my Secret Pal today! First I was sent an e-card saying the package should be here today... so I had to sit all work half the day just thinking about it!! Argh! LOL

My super cool package included (ugh I realllllly need a digi-cam):
2 skiens of Caron Simply Soft Brites in LimeLight and Grape (See examples here)
2 black ink pen with cute lil' froggies on them!
4 turtle soaps (handmade by my SP)
3 froggie soaps (also handmade by my SP!)
A nice lil' note card (and yes all this green definately cheered me up!!)
This awesome lil' bag:

My scanner really jacked up the colors, I try to adjust them as best I could. The purple looks a lil' too blue in the pic. I love it!! It's very strudy and I love the nice thick handles.

Thank you Secret Pal!!

I received a second RAOK postcard today too!

Here's the first postcard I received, this ones from someone in California:

Here's the second postcard I received, this ones from Moze in Florida:


Flourish & Blotts said...

Your secret pal is very nice. That is a really cute bag. -Flourish

~drew emborsky~ said...

What, that's quite a haul! Woo hoo HOOO!!!

PBnJ said...

thanks florish, i think they're very cool, heh. and i love the lil' bag. i went out with this the other day and got several compliments!

hey drew! heck yea i made out like a bandit as they say, hehe. my SP was very creative and generous in their gift. =)

Oslofia said...

Great gifts..I love the handbag!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki,

Glad you liked your package. I am sending another one today so it should be there in the next couple days!!

Happy Friday!!

Your SP

PBnJ said...

no way?!? omg you really are too nice! =D i'm still trying to figure out who this is! hahaha